Monthly Archives: August 2012

NYTimes: Men, Who Needs Them?

Well, ladies, they may be fun, but are they necessary? Turns out, we could go on without men in our lives. The question seems to be whether or not we would miss them. From The New York Times: OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR: Men, Who Needs Them? Women are both necessary and sufficient for reproduction; men are neither.

Delayed Development: 20-Somethings Blame the Brain

Scientists are saying that the brain, long thought to be fully developed by the time a child reaches puberty, is still developing well into one’s twenties. So #BA50s of 20-somethings who are stressing over the fact that their children have not yet found their calling in life should be reassured. And they should lighten up!…

Defined by Words, Not a Disease (NYTimes)

Twenty years ago, Mary Fisher was the darling of the Republican National Convention when she delivered a prime-time speech about the growing epidemic of AIDS. Today she is a #BA50, still going strong as an AIDS activist, and still taking issue with her party. From the New York Times: Defined by Words, Not a Disease

The Anxious ‘Idiot’ (NYTimes)

Got anxiety? Well, you’re an idiot unless you work to appease it, at least that’s one opinion. Whether it is yoga, meditation or prayer that helps you, you’ve got to be proactive to help yourself. From The New York Times: OPINIONATOR | ANXIETY: The Anxious ‘Idiot’ There are things we can do to break the…