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Old Ladies Who Didn’t Love Me (Salon)

Next time you are in an aerobics class with a young, seemingly energetic under 40 year old, try to remember this story and be nice.  You may want to kick her in the shins with your high heels, but don’t.  Those young ones are sensitive.  Best to keep the kind grandmother image going while we can.…

Photos from Silberstein Gallery Event – Boston


  Our first “She Did It” event kicked off at a private home gallery in Newton, MA on April 24th. Twenty BA50s got to view an outstanding art collection (including works by Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall) and learned how to judge pieces of art, all while enjoying wine and cheese. Most of…

Ellen DeGeneres Reads Fifty Shades of Grey (You Tube)

Ellen says what we can’t — or won’t — in this hysterical video. Read it with Felice Shapiro’s story on Bursts of Blue vs. Shades of Grey for your “gray fix” of the day: Bursts of Blue vs. Shades of Grey [embed_youtube src=”” width=”300″ height=”200″] Don’t miss out on any BA50 stories! Click here to subscribe.

Race for a lifetime (The Boston Globe)

Another running success story — this one about a 56-year-old and 53-year-old who had a series of serious setbacks — that have lead them both to greater motivation and appreciation for what they have, what they’ve done and what their future holds. Don’t miss out on any BA50 stories! Click here to subscribe.

NY CITY EVENT – BA50 Supports the Blue Thong Society

Blue Thong Society

BA50 SUPPORTS BLUE THONG SOCIETY’s UNDER THE BLUE TENT NYC EVENT Join us For a Women’s Retreat “Under the Blue Tent”… Social and Business Networking Exhibitors First 50 Registrants Receive Attendee Event Bags!! Our Panel of Speakers: Beth Battaglino / Executive Director for HealthyWomen Barbara Hannah Grufferman / Columnist, Huffington Post; Author, “The Best of Everything…

A Note from Felice

Felice Shapiro

There is a rallying feeling around saying we are 50 and we are proud to be at this place. This might surprise you but it turns out that being a BA50 is being part of a movement. This conversation has developed organically and is both self-reflective and energizing. Today, we are redefining middle age and…