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“Instead of thinking about what you are going to do when you retire, think about how you can do that now and make a living from it.” – Celestine Chua


“Nothing will work unless you do.” ~ Maya Angelou

She Did It: FAB-u-lass Linda Pond

Linda Pond

How come there’s a light in the fridge but no light in a cooler? That simple question asked by Linda Pond’s daughter, Rhonda led the two to come up with the FAB Light ™, a little LED light that attaches to the inside lid of hinged enclosures. Open the lid, and the light comes on.…

Thank You, Gloria Steinem

gloria steinem

A while back, my son Adam and I struck a deal. He could stay up late for a Harry Potter flick if he watched a documentary with me called, Gloria in Her Words. The “Gloria” of the title was, of course, Gloria Steinem. Gloria Steinem is what Maya Angelou calls a “shero” of mine. She…