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Starting a B&B When I Turned 50

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Sometimes the craziest things happen when you’re spontaneous. After raising four kids and running a small catering business – all while being married to a busy doctor, playing team tennis and performing with a small aging dance troupe — it felt like things were winding down in my life. And I’m not the winding down type of woman.

Georgia O’Keefe and Her Wrinkles


“For Georgia O’Keeffe, forty was the new sixty. She always looked older than she was, and she didn’t care, or didn’t care enough.The most radical thing about Georgia O’Keeffe were her wrinkles.”  I just love this quote by Karen Karbo who recently published an inspiring book about this amazing artist. Looking at my wrinkles I…

Our French Counterparts

I’ve always wondered (and been jealous of) the how and why behind the fact that French women can have their chocolate croissants and red wine and yet STILL look fab. Here, some answers on aging gracefully that ran in The New York Times which compares us Americans to our French counterparts …… Read more from…

Where Did I Park My Car?

This may sound a bit insensitive, but I was thrilled to see Rick Perry’s brain freeze at the Republican Presidential debate.  That was when he wanted to eliminate the Dept. of Energy but alas, couldn’t remember it’s name. I have to admit that when I watched him stumped, stammering and searching to recall the name…

Boston, November 14, 2011

BA50 in boston

It happened by accident. BA Publisher and Founder Felice Shapiro, who had been working on in beta for more than a year, decided to host a “BA50 Posting Party” at her home in Boston on November 14, 2011. Her goal? To get a cross-section of women, each armed with a laptop, to fiddle with…

The Unmarrying Kind


I got engaged in 1979 when I was 23 because I fell in love – with an antique sapphire and diamond ring. I know, I know, I was supposed to be in love with the man who bought it for me but, looking back, I’m not sure that was the case.

Betrayed Wives’ Club: Welcome to the club no-one wants to join…


If my husband ever cheats on me, that’s it. It’s over. If mine cheats, I’ll kick him to the curb. Mine wouldn’t cheat. He knows I’d kill him! H’mmmm…sure. Most of us head into marriage with delusions…er…illusions of “happily ever after”. We never really think about cheating because isn’t the whole reason we’re getting married…

The Scenic Route


With her friend Louisa, writer Jamie Stringfellow set out from Hermosa Beach with a goal: to walk a 38-mile route to the Getty Villa near Malibu Beach over four days. En route, the pair passed through Santa Monica.