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9 Ways To Spice Up A Long-Time Relationship Outside The Bedroom

For advice on how to spice things up (none of which involve the bedroom), we reached out to a few of our long-married bloggers, and here’s what they had to say.

Written by Shelley Emling
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The Clean Eating

Kickstart Detox

with Lisa Lewtan and Stephanie Elkind

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Post Divorce: Starting To Date Again

Putting yourself “on the market again” can be such a terrifying, out-of-body experience for women whose last time dating was ½ a lifetime ago...

7 deal breakers for first dates

7 Biggest Turnoffs On A First Date

He looks nothing like his profile picture. He’s 50 pounds heavier, ten years older, or five inches shorter than he wrote in his profile.

dog butt

Dog Duty: Don’t Ask Me To Do That

“They wipe his butt? With a baby wipe? Right over the kitchen counter?” It seemed a little over-the-top to me, but what did I know? I didn’t have a dog.

flying money

The $10,000 Question: What’s Your Portfolio Like?

If you want to lead a life worth living and not dread going to a high-paying job you it, do whatever it takes, go wherever the passion leads. Just don’t expect to get rich.


10 Essentials To Help Your Kid Rent An Apartment In NYC

After the girls had been approved for the lease, as a former real estate attorney, I volunteered to read and “negotiate” the documents. It did not go well...

Bobbi Brown Cosmetic Industry Guru

Fearless Aging: Famous Women Embrace The Wrinkles

Bobbi Brown: “There is no cream that fixes wrinkles. I’m sorry, but there’s not.”

was i a bad parent

Was I A Lousy Parent?

Do you think you might have been a lousy parent?

You call me a bitch

You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing

Why does an assertive woman get called a bitch? Why is standing my ground considered bitchiness?


Nursing Home PTSD

"Mom, you have PTSD when it comes to nursing homes. The whole Grandma experience was such a nightmare for you."

boobs and back fat

Boobs, Back Fat and Butt: What Kinda Underwear?

This is a three part series on getting dressed for a wedding (not your own, of course)-- this week, I'm focusing on the foundation pieces!

google glass woman

Wearables: Where Technology is Fashion

Wearables are technology that you wear like FitBits, Google Glass, Jawbone and purses that recharge your cellphones.


Why A Scarf Is The Perfect Fashion Accessory

Scarves are like a fashion security blanket. I keep one balled up in my purse most of the time.


What I Learned From My Friend’s Gay Wedding

After years of dating the wrong men, K suddenly realized that she had met her true love - a woman.

new chapter

A Birthday Card for My Ex

I spent almost an entire hour in my therapist’s chair vacillating about sending or not sending...

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